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Cordylines; List of Cordyline varieties with photo's

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The amazing variety of colourful foliage has made the Cordyline one of the most popular tropical garden plants in Australian gardens. They are tough, will provide you with all-year-round colour and need minimal attention to look great.

How to grow Cordyline plants

Cordylines can be successfully grown in both pots and garden, and are very drought tolerant once established. Cordylines are well suited to coastal areas and require a minimum of fuss. They are best grown in well draining soil, in a semi shady to full sun position. Some Cordyline plants grow better in shade, or sun, but this depends on the variety. Colours, such as Suzies Choice, can be enhanced by growing them in the shade, or in the sun like with Cordyline nigra.

Propagation is from seed or cuttings. Cordylines can be pruned to shape & size, and off cuts can be replanted to create a brand new plant to add to the garden.

Cordyline responds well to regular fertilizing. Fertilise regularly, e.g. every 6 months, with a fertiliser designed for foliage plants, or any organic fertilizer.

There are many varieties of Cordylines, of stunning colours and foliage. Here are some of our Cordy’s:

Cordyline Hawaiian SunsetCordyline Hawaiian Sunset:

A real stunner! Great colouring (enhanced in dappled light – but can grow full sun) with cupped, compact leaves. Hawaiian Sunset is sure to provide a great feature or potted plant in any garden.

Cordyline nigraCordyline Nigra:

Purple to black foliage. Very hardy & low maintenance. Best in a well lit position.

Cordyline Pink TipCordyline Pink Tip:

Pink Tip is a stunning variety of Cordyline. Leaves are a rich purple colour, with new leaves being a bright, hot pink.

Cordyline Purple CompactaCordyline Purple Compacta:

Purple Compacta is a stunning variety of Cordyline with a compact, miniature growing habit. Leaves range in shades from dark green mixed with a rich purple, dark red & chocolate. Leaves are short, wide & shiny.



Cordyline Purple PrinceCordyline Purple Prince:

Gorgeous Cordyline with deep purple foliage. Very hardy plant and low maintenance. Grows 1.2-2m tall and is drought and salt tolerant. Flowers are pale pink

Cordyline red edgeCordyline Red Edge:

Bright green foliage with pink to red edges, darkening in colour with age. Very classy!



Cordyline RombaCordyline Romba:

Bright, colour-adding Cordyline. Shiny green foliage with purple & pink shades throughout. Very hardy & low maintenance

Cordyline RosebudCordyline Rosebud:

Rosebud is a striking sun hardy Cordyline with dark red foliage, being lighter red to pink during autumn & winter. This medium-tall Cordyline provides great all year round colour and is very low maintenance.


Cordyline Suzies ChoiceCordyline Suzies Choice:

Stunning bright hot pink foliage with purplish markings and edges – colours brighten with age


Cordyline Pink DiamondCordyline Pink Diamond


Gorgeous Cordyline with long, light green foliage. Leaves are lined with white and pink. Can be grown in full sun, fairly large growing Cordyline. 



Cordyline Baby SpoonCordyline Baby Spoon


Very cute little Cordyline, with compact growth habit. Nice coloured foliage with pink, red and brown tinges. Short, fat leaves similar to Cordyline Purple Compacta, but not as tall growing.



Cordyline Margaret StoryCordyline Margaret Story


Impressive, tall Cordyline with very large, wide foliage. Gorgeous pink, red and brown tinges. Certainly a statement in your garden!

There is a Cordyline variety to suit every garden, every position, every pot! A garden is not a garden without the beautiful year-round foliage colours of the Cordyline.

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