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Perfect Weather for Planting - But Mind the Storms!

It's a great time to get out into the garden and plant up big!  The last few days have been quite cool, a contrast from the earlier heat that surprised us all in early spring.  The soil here is well watered with record rains only weeks ago and plenty to follow it up.  We were very lucky to avoid major damage with a "Super cell" storm blasting through the Bundaberg area just a few days ago.  Lots of trees were up-rooted and power was cut for over 24 hours for most locals with multiple powerlines down cutting major routes and some sheds and roofs lost.  The storm was terrifying for those caught in it, including us, it was like suddenly a switch was flicked which turned on a cyclone, scariest storm I have even seen.  

Apart from a few missing trees on the skyline, we were relatively unscathed, and the plants....well they responded by sprouting some new growth :)  Just another day in paradise for them.

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How do we pack and send our plants?

Lush Plants is committed to providing plants which arrive healthy and strong and products that arrive safe and sound.  This starts with excellent care in our plant nursery by growing strong plants, preparing them for their journey, and excellent packaging methods.

We guarantee your plants or products to arrive safely - please see our return / replacement policy.

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Payments for online plants orders

We accept:

  • Credit card payments (Processed through the Commonwealth Bank's secure payment system, CommWeb)
  • PayPal (You can use your PayPal account, credit card or debit card with this method)
  • Bank Deposit (Our bank details will be shown when you check out) 
  • Pay over the phone - select this option and we will be in contact.

Payment methods

  • Credit Card

We accept credit card payments through CommWeb; Commonwealth Bank's secure online payment system. Selecting this option will take you to the dedicated CommBank's payment page where you can complete your purchase.

If a CSV code is required, this is usually the last 3 digits on the back of your credit card. All transactions are through our secure site, which is secured with SSL and has three added layers of protection for your peace of mind.

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How to buy plants online @ Lush Plants

How to buy plants online @ Lush Plants Nursery Australia

  1. Browse our plants for sale, or select a specific category by hovering over the 'plant shop' button in the top menu.
  2. Use the green 'add to cart' button to add your plants to your cart. If a 'notify me' link is displayed instead of the 'add to cart' button, it means the product is out of stock. You can use this link to be notified once the products are back in stock. 
  3. Once you have finished adding plants to your cart, go to your cart; located on the top menu.
  4. Click 'checkout' and select wether you want to checkout as a 'guest' or click 'show login' to create an account or login to an existing account. 
  5. Scroll down to enter your details.
  6. If you have a coupon code, enter it here (under the item list) and click 'save'
  7. Select a payment method; credit card, PayPal or Bank Deposit. 
  8. Read our 'Terms and Conditions', tick the 'agree' box and click 'confirm purchase'!
  9. If you selected 'Credit Card', you will now be taken to the secure processing facility via the Commonwealth Bank.
  10. If you selected 'PayPal', you will now be taken to the PayPal website to pay. 
  11. If you selected 'bank deposit', you will now see our bank details. 

Additional ordering info

Please scroll down for information regarding buying online plants & our online plants website. 


Buying plants online through Lush Plants plant nursery is a convenient way to buy plants online. The easiest way is to select a category under the 'plant shop' menu, located in the top menu. A list of categories will drop down when you mouse-over. You can select the ‘all online plants for sale’ category to view all online plants in stock.

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How to care for your plants when you buy plants online

Buying plants from an online nursery is a very convenient way of gardening!

You can conveniently buy plants online from your own home and have the plants delivered right to your doorstep.

For more information on how Lush Plants Plant Nursery packages and posts online plants, please visit "how we post and pack your plants" page. Here are a few important things to help you successfully grow your new garden plants.

Caring for your online plants on arrival, additional info for success;

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