Welcome to Lush Online Plants Nursery,  Australia.

Come in and take a look around, you never know what you might find!

We love to grow Palms, House Plants for your Urban Jungle, Drought resistant plants, Unusual Plants, Epiphyllums, Dragon fruit, Native plants, Cold hardy plants, Edibles.  We also stock a range of wonderful garden related gifts. 

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rangoon creeperbee on dragonfruit

So why buy from Lush Plants?

  • Lush Plants is a small Australian owned family business. We believe in 'What we Give Out, we Get Back'. Happy customers are our main objective, as is building our business in a sustainable way while we help to green the planet!
  • We only post out plants we would love to recieve ourselves, we genuinely want you to LOVE your plants!
  • We grow many of our plants ourselves,  and work to source new and interesting varieties to share with you!  
  • We only supply plants of the highest quality.  If we would not be happy to recieve them, we don't offer them, simple as that.  We are sure that you will see this when you receive your precious plants!
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know it is hard to buy plants online, as you cannot view the plants before you buy them. However, we are so sure of the quality of our plants, and our packaging methods, that we do not hesitate to offer you this guarantee. 

So where are you?

Lush Plants Plant Nursery is located in Queensland, in one of the most beautiful regions of Australia, we are at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef near Bundaberg - famous for sea turtles and in an area where there are still large areas of native forest and protected wildlife.  Our climate is fantastic, with a pronounced wet season and mild winters.  We operate as an online mail-order plant nursery and we do not have a retail nursery.

Our online garden nursery is situated on an acreage of natural bush land –  most of the land is dedicated to preserving our enviroment and giving our wildlife the home they so rightfully deserve.  We truely appreciate the plant life & wild life around us and the small contributions we can make to protecting and greening our world. 

We grow our plants with lots of care and attention and each plant is carefully and individually prepared for transport to ensure they arrive in great condition.

Some of our boxes of packed plants

How was Lush Plants Australia started?

Lush Plants Plant Nursery was born in January 2013, a family business run by Dan & Elle Meager.  We took over the Lush Plants name in August 2016 and are continuing to evolve the business focussing on producing and delivering quality plants and great customer service. We are constantly improving what we do.  Our online nursery is a convenient way to buy plants online and have them delivered to your door!

What is Lush Plants Nursery all about?

Lush Plants Plant Nursery exists as an outlet for us to share with you the beauty of plants.  We want you to be as excited and intrigued as we are by the diversity that nature has provided.  It doesn't matter if you have an acreage, a suburb block, an office, or an appartment in the city, we can provide plants to enrich your life and environment.

Why buy plants from Lush Plants online garden nursery?

1.  Our plants are held longer - better root systems, bigger plants

2.  Quality - All plants are hand picked and checked by us.

3.  Safe, reliable and secure packaging and shipping - We have perfected our methods to ensure plants arrive looking great!

4.  Family business / personal service - we do it all to ensure it is done right.

5.  Great value - try us out and compare.

Our plant nursery is a family run business, we do it all!   We offer a diverse range of plants including Australian native plants, drought hardy plants, indoor plants, palms, unusual / rare plants, epiphyllums, dragon fruit and other edibles

Packing & postage when you buy plants online

When you buy plants online from us you can be assured that you will receive your plants in the very best condition, ready to grow.  Many of our plants are shipped without a plastic pot, instead carefully prepared and wrapped to retain moisture, we believe this is the best way to ship our online plants.  Lush Plants sends plants all over Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT and non-plant items Australia-Wide!  Our shipping is very reasonable with a flat rate of $15 for up to 10 plants to QLD and $18 to NSW and the ACT.

Lush Plants opening hours & contact

Being an online business - Lush Plants’ online nursery is open 24/7, if you have any questions or need to contact us, please drop us an email on our "Contact" tab in the main menu.

Thank you very much for visiting our online nursery, we hope you enjoy your visit!

Kind regards,

Adriaan & Julie 

Lush Plants Nursery Australia